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Award Winning Boston SEO Consultant For Your Local Business

Harness The Power of SEO for Your Business

Everett Whitehead is an SEO consultant who specializes in building high performance local organic search programs that achieve breakthrough results for business in the Greater Boston area.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the process of optimizing a website in ways that allow it show up higher on results pages generated by search engines, such as Google or Bing for a targeted set of keywords. SEO is the number one tactic used to generate free traffic, which is essentially traffic driven to your website without the need for paid advertisements.

Your Business Needs A Local SEO Expert Who Thinks Globally

Companies located in Boston that want to grow their organic traffic channel and desire a measure of local responsiveness and face-to-face interaction are best served by a Boston SEO consultant. If you want your SEO advisor to be a transparent member of your website team – there’s just no way around it – a local search consultant is the best way to go.

But just because your SEO strategist is local, doesn’t mean that your internet search presence has to be. Google is global. And this means that for many business in the Boston area – their customers are too.

Here's How Everett Whitehead can help!

Everett Whitehead is an award-winning Boston SEO Consultant who has been helping top brands dramatically increase their presence in the search engine results since 2006 using state-of-the-art SEO strategies and technology.

He is the architect of EverGreen™ SEO , a powerful end-to-end SEO program that not only helps rockets your websites listings to the top of Google for prized keywords, but leads to reliable conversion behavior from your website visitors.

Evergreen SEO Is An SEO Program Designed To Accelerate Boston Companies

Green As In Go

Ready… set… go! Nearly a decade of industry experience has led me to develop a proven and extremely effective beginning-to-end SEO program that gets websites ranking in Google for even the most highly competitive keywords.

Green As In Sustainable

My program deploys best-in-class SEO strategies that have lasting positive results for your business. Never any “black hat” tactics. Why even bother with that stuff anyway? EverGreenSEO meets you were you are and is ready to scale upward in anticipation of future growth.

Green As In Local

When you’re ready for strategic marketing planning, you can sit down with me and we'll work together to build your SEO plan. That is the advantage of working with a local SEO consultant. Having an expert help you with your organic traffic strategy can help you to define achievable goals and to put them into action across your organization.

Green as in Money

What good are top Google rankings and increased traffic if visitor to your website aren’t converting into leads, customers, and advocates? EverGreenSEO program leverages insights from your website analytics, lead labeling, and industry research to identify exactly how to position your website for SEO success.

Free Nonprofit's Guide To Internet Marketing

Learn how to effectively market your nonprofit organization online. Download our FREE guide.
Interested in harnessing the power of EverGreen SEO™ for your website? To schedule a consultation with Everett Whitehead, just complete the form below. Thank you for your interest. Currently, I am not accepting new clients. However, if you would like to sign up on my waiting list, please complete the form below.